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13 Things About Digital Marketing You Might Not Know

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Digital marketing, like so many other industries, had to adapt to 2020’s unexpected events. Even if you kept up with changes in the industry, you might not know these 13 things about digital marketing.

1. Social Platforms

The average age of Facebook users is getting older as young people move to other social media platforms. Think about marketing on emerging social platforms to target a younger audience.

2. online video

Seventy-two percent of businesses say online videos have improved their conversion rates, which could mean that video is becoming a necessity instead of an option.

3. SEO

Google’s search engine still cares about keywords, but it has gotten smart enough to recognize and prioritize useful content.

4. Automation

Combining automation with personalization makes email marketing more effective than ever.

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5. Interactive content

Expect to see more companies invest in interactive content like quizzes, polls, and 360-degree videos that keep users engaged.

6. smart devices

As more people bring smart devices into their homes, it becomes increasingly essential for companies to adopt voice search strategies based on how people speak instead of how they write.

7. whatsapp

WhatsApp has about 1.6 billion users that send nearly 100 billion messages per day, creating an excellent opportunity for in-app marketing. Although Facebook Messenger users send about a fifth as many messages, the app still presents growing opportunities to connect with consumers.

8.visual content

Adding visual content to blog posts and articles makes it about 80 percent more likely that people will read your text. Something as simple as a photograph can encourage more readers to finish your posts, which could increase your conversions.

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9. Featured snippets

Now that 60 percent of first-page Google search results include featured snippets, you can’t afford to ignore this component of digital marketing anymore.

10. account-based marketing

Adding account-based marketing to your digital marketing strategy can help you attract enterprise clients by appealing to the needs of executives.

11. target audience

Emerging markets will eventually make Asian and African languages as necessary as – if not more than – English. Get ready for a major shift in target audiences as more parts of the world start using the internet to make shopping decisions.

12. customer experience

Consumers still prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, but you can add digital marketing to their experience with targeted ads, virtual reality, and augmented reality that improve customer experiences.

13. social responsibility

More people believe that companies have more responsibility for environmental protection than governments do, so you can attract buyers by committing to eco-friendly policies and including their results in your digital marketing materials.

Bringing it all Together

These are only the basics when it comes to digital marketing. Need help knowing where to dive in next? Contact us at Nifty Method to discuss your next steps in digital marketing. 

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