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5 Proven Reasons You Need to Hire a Moderator for Your Next Virtual Event

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What is the one thing you can do to make your next virtual event a success? Hire a moderator! Most event managers are thinking about finding the right platform, the equipment, the content….and yes, all of those are important. However, a moderator is especially important for a virtual or hybrid event.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Moderators create the energy in the room

Without the benefit of the natural energy that the face to face meeting creates on its own, the virtual meeting has to overcome the challenge of creating its own energy. Hiring a moderator is the first step in overcoming this challenge as they are the ones who can set the tone of the meeting and the virtual energy in the virtual room.

2. Moderators set the stage for the entire event

Moderators are there to help the attendees know and follow the rules. They explain the details of the event and “where to go next”. They are your one-stop shop information desk that allows your attendees to relax, knowing they are in good hands and don’t have to worry about getting lost in the virtual world.


3. Moderators provide easy transitions throughout the program

Creating segues between introductions and speakers, between moderators and panelists, between community service projects and sponsors can be awkward and tricky. Without a moderator you will need a strict script and each presenter or speaker will need to know the exact line in the script they need to follow in order to begin their portion of the program.

Even if this feat can be achieved it often looks disjointed and has too many pauses and causes attendee frustration. A moderator will provide a great resource to transition easily from one segment to the other providing for a seamless transition that helps keep your attendees engaged.

4. Moderators keep the schedule on track

Moderators are there to help keep the schedule on track as well. They can speed things up or slow things down. They can move questions amongst all panelists so that they each get equal billing. Keeping to your schedule in a virtual meeting is just as important as it is for face to face meetings and having a moderator that your audience already knows and trusts facilitate the process and helps keep your timeline moving.

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5. Moderators assist if something goes wrong

No one wants their virtual event to fail. However, we have all seen the dreaded screen, “Please Be Patient. We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties”. Planners and event technologists have nightmares about it. The truth is, technology difficulties can be anything from a true platform breakdown to something as simple as the speaker’s camera or microphone not working.

Depending on the source of the problem, having a plan and a moderator who can handle a quick shift in program can prevent the dreaded technical difficulty screen saver and the loss of attendees.

Finding all of these attributes in one person while factoring in budgetary constraints isn’t all that easy particularly when someone from your office pipes up and volunteers as tribute and the cost is zero. This is when you call in the professionals like Nifty Method Marketing + Events.

Our Speaker Group has someone who is an expert in all of the above and our creative and innovative staff is there to help you hire the perfect moderator for your next virtual event. Let's set up an appointment to discuss your needs and challenges today!