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Levi Bilbrey

I am an energetic storyteller, creative director, product designer, project manager, relationship developer, marketing consultant, graphic designer, photographer, brand warrior, late-night writer, husband, father, weekend yard worker, lifelong bacon-lover, coffee evangelist, and technology junkie. My greatest passions are getting to know people, finding creative ways to help them solve complex challenges, and tell inspiring stories that drive measurable results

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Here Are 5 Sources of Inspiration That'll Rekindle Your Love of Events

Since March 2020, the world of events and marketing has changed rapidly. While online options were fun for a while, you’re probably a little burned out when it comes to planning events in general. Now, your boss is asking what your plan is for hybrid and you're just burned out. 

Hopefully, standard soirees are just around the corner. Until then, here are five sources of inspiration to help rekindle your love of events.