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Liz Lathan, CMP

Liz Lathan, CMP is Co-Founder and CEO of Haute Dokimazo, a Spontaneous Think Tank company that empowers participants to solve their business challenges. Haute Dokimazo is part of Haute Companies, a family of companies anchored in human connection. From events to media (podcasts, videos, and more) to direct mail to talent management to strategy session facilitation, Haute Companies can support your goals with Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock Creative, Swag Hub, Haute Spot, and Haute Rock Entertainment.

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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Events Not Suck

In mid-March 2019, everything changed. Since then, instead of meeting face to face, I’ve been running remote advisory councils, remote HD Strategy Sessions, remote HD(x) events, and consulting with people on virtual experiences. (If you need Zoom tips, I'm kind of an expert now - give me a shout!)

I've attempted to join a couple of virtual events, as well, and some were AWESOME...