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Congratulations to Karen Layser, CMP, and now DES!!

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As a full service boutique marketing and events agency, we solve real business problems using a thoughtful mix of strategy, creativity, and culture. As the meetings and events industry has had to shift gears drastically in the last year, Nifty Method has remained at the forefront of planning and executing top notch virtual and hybrid events. 

Continuing that trend into 2021, we're excited to announce that joining the world’s largest community of Digital Event Strategists is our own Karen Layser!  Karen, who also certified as a CMP in 2020, earned her Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification from PCMA’s Digital Experience Institute.

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We asked Karen to share her insights on the value of earning this certification. 

Why was it important to get your DES?

Having also earned my CMP in 2020, I obviously saw the enormous crisis and transition that our industry has been facing. 2005 marked the beginning of my journey through the meetings and events world and while I have seen major change, advancements and progress, nothing prepared anyone in this field for what 2020 brought.

Having the years of experience under my belt and being furloughed in March really offered a chance to reflect and determine what my next steps were while facing the fears that my career path may be doomed for the next few years. It was then that I actually felt invigorated and ready to tackle being the best that I could so that I could be an advocate and leader to help the industry change and grow once more.

Digital events are the new reality for everyone, every business, education, social networking, all of the above…..so it was a no-brainer to study for the DES. 

Why is having the DES certification important for our business and clients?

Digital events are here to stay. Even as the industry heals and (hopefully) begins to see in person events come back around, we don’t really have an accurate gauge for what that looks like. Innovating digital and hybrid experiences for customers, employees, and stakeholders is key and in order to do that, I plan to stay ahead of the latest technology, trends, best practices and education surrounding how to best provide that.

Digital events are the new reality for everyone, every business, education, social networking, all of the above…..so it was a no-brainer to study for the DES. 

While I do believe that digital events will never replace the experience of meeting face-to-face, the truth is that digital events have really helped us reach an audience who would never be able to attend our meetings. I am happy to see that this planning is now opening doors that we did not necessarily have open before. Technology was on our heels and has now taken the lead. As a planner, it is my job to lead clients/customers in this realm.

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Share the experience you had with the DES program?

The experience was not only welcoming and well organized, but it also provided a very manageable format in which to learn and study. You can do a self paced version, which provides on demand materials and you can also participate live.

I did a mixture of both. I entered the program not really sure what I could gain, but I can honestly say that I have gained fresh ideas and in some cases an entirely different lens in which to view digital events that I did not have before. The research and statistics provided in some of the modules really shed light on ways that we can continue to grow the industry and also ways that I can personally improve my expertise and value to it.

Have you applied what you learned to your job at Nifty Method?

Yes! I began incorporating valuable ideas before I even took the actual certification exam, while still taking the course and studying. Not only am I working to enhance our Nifty Method Webinars series but we are very excited to be planning our first annual conference, Niftycon 2021 - Bringing a Method to Your Madness, that will be held later this year.

I am not only thrilled from earning the DES certification to bring this event to life. I'm also equally as thrilled that we will be inviting and hosting many other industry professionals who are also following this digital event journey.

Bringing It All Together

Thanks Karen! We loved hearing your insights and we're so proud of you! Want to learn more about getting your DES certification? Check it by clicking on the image below, or grab a quick cup of coffee or cocktail with Karen and she'll share all the insider secrets. 

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