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Event Registration Platforms: Our Top 7 Favorites and Why

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Event Registration Platforms: Our Top 7 Favorites and Why

The use of technology in the event space is so prevalent and necessary today it’s evolved into its own industry: event tech. Online platforms and solutions abound in this expanding market, and while choice is important, sometimes the Cheesecake Factory menu can be a little overwhelming if you know what we mean.

Because of this, we decided to take a look at some of our favorite event platforms based on their registration tool.

Research Says Most Important Event Tech is Registration

Eighty-five percent of eventprofs say the eventech tool they use most is registration. This makes sense, considering online registration for an event could either be a friendly introduction or an unwanted obstacle for potential attendees. The easier and more streamlined the process, the more likely someone is to attend. The more difficult the process, the more likely she is to abandon ship rather than contact the help desk.

Bottom line: Your event registration platform matters. Researching all of your options for your particular event can be overwhelming, so we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. Here are our top seven event registration platforms, what we love about them and what you should be aware of before you sign a contract.

1. eventcore

What we love: eventcore is an excellent option for a bespoke registration experience specific to your event, your branding, your…everything. The eventcore team also prides itself on solving complex event registration scenarios for events of any size.

What to be aware of: eventcore lends itself more to corporate events than, say, sports events or music events. Their reporting is decent for now, but they are actively working to improve it.

Your person on the inside: Darcy Gabriele

See it in action: 

Learn more at eventcore.com.

2. Cvent

What we love: Cvent is an all-encompassing event registration, planning and marketing platform. The question here is not What can Cvent do? But What can Cvent not do? In addition to registration, features include check-in and badging, excellent reporting, smooth integration with your existing CRM, and expense tracking.

What to be aware of: Cvent might be more than you need, depending on the nature of your event. Ask about tiers of service and be sure not to include any unnecessary add-ons.

Your person on the inside: Justine Hulbert

Watch this video to see how Cvent’s online registration tool works.

Learn more here.

3. Expo Logic

What we love: Expo Logic, part of Community Brand’s event technology group, has an easy to use and nifty face recognition software allows attendees to check-in simply by looking at a camera. It’s easy and fun for attendees and makes your event stand out as cutting-edge and unique.

What to be aware of: Add-on features can be a bit pricey, especially for smaller events, so make sure you know what you really need and what you don’t.

Your person on the inside: Jeff Baker

Watch our conversation with Jeff at Connect Marketplace.[Start at the 25 min mark]

Learn more here.

4. aventri

What we love: aventri is the venue guru of event software. With their registration platform, attendees can register and book their hotel room all at once.

What to be aware of: Aventri is constantly working to improve its platform, which is great but can require a learning curve when systems change. Stay in close touch with your rep, have him or her alert you to any changes, and you should be fine.

Your person on the inside: Paige Flenniken

Watch this quick video to see how Aventri’s registration tool works.

Learn more here.

5. Bizzabo

What we love: Bizzabo integrates with Hubspot, so all of your event registration and marketing can be done in one place. It’s also easy to use. Perfect for people who don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of a complicated platform.

What to be aware of: If you’re looking for an all in one event management solution, Bizzabo isn’t quite there yet. Their platform is primarily pre-event focused. There also isn’t onsite payment, but we’re told it’s in the roadmap.

Your person on the inside: Ryan O’Connell

Watch this video for an overview of how Bizzabo’s registration (and promotion and reporting) works.

Learn more here.

6. Splash (aka Splashthat)

What we love: As of this year, Splash can integrate with Adobe’s Marketo platform, which helps streamline workflow and capture more data on attendees. Splash is also particularly picky about good, creative design and has its pulse on the Millennial market.

What to be aware of: Splash can be on the expensive side, starting at 10k+. Our event manager advisory group also shares that the template builder can be difficult to use. Customer support is also email only.

Your person on the inside: Victoria Natenzon

Watch their introductory webinar here.

Learn more here.

7. GTR

What we love: GTR is the reliable older sibling of online event registration with a sound, straightforward product. And they’ve been in the business since 1995, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

What to be aware of: GTR is largely an event registration platform so make sure they have integration capabilities with your marketing and CRM software.

Your person on the inside: Justin Sumwalt

Learn more here.

We hope this list has been helpful. Don’t skimp on your registration platform. With the numerous options available, we know your perfect match exists, one that will cater to your event, your attendees and your overall success.

If you’re new to event registration platforms, please let us know by setting up a meeting with our team today to chat. We would love to help guide you in what can be an overwhelming process.