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12 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful User Conference in 2022

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When it comes to holding a successful user conference, there are plenty of things to consider. On the one hand, having a successful user conference can be one of the most lucrative moves you have ever made. On the other hand, throwing an unsuccessful user conference could serve to undermine your success thus far. 

To keep you on track to create your ideal user conference in 2022, here are 12 do’s and don’ts to remember.


Don't Wait to Promote

Just as with other events, when you are planning a user conference, you need to promote it in advance. If you don’t have at least a few months to dedicate to promoting the event, you should consider canceling until you have the time. This is the key to having a large turnout.

Don't Dictate the Content

Since user conferences are supposed to be for the users, you should allow them to dictate the content. Therefore, rather than choosing a subject that is most beneficial to your company, you should ask the users what type of content they would like to view.

Don't forget to follow up

Given that the purpose of a user conference is a tool to help boost sales, you should always be sure to create post-event marketing. No matter if you are sending emails, text messages, or posting on social media, you should be sure that you already have your post-event marketing ready to go. Failing to follow up is a surefire way to lose potential sales.

Don't Invite only a Few Members of Your Production Team

When you are planning a user conference, you should be inviting your entire production team. Encourage them to attend and be an active component of the event. This will allow them to interact with the crowd and answer questions directly.

Don't Ignore Unhappy Customers

While it can be tempting to silence dissatisfied customers, doing so could be to the detriment of your company. Actively listen to your customers when they provide feedback as this can be an opportunity to learn and improve your products and services.

Don't Be Unoriginal

Lastly, you never want to be unoriginal. If users are coming to a conference, they are looking for a unique, memorable experience. Take the time to plan such an event to get the best results. As you meet with your team to discuss the planning, don’t be afraid to tweak or completely change pieces of the event early in the process to create the best experience possible. 


Do Gauge Interest

Before planning a conference, you should be taking the time to gauge interest. If there are not enough interested users, you may need to postpone the event until you have enough people.

Do Cater to Your Target Customer

By taking the time to create a buyer persona, you will better understand your target customer. Design the entire conference with your target customers in mind. Doing so will make the event much more fulfilling for both the user and you. 

Do Choose a Great Venue

Another thing you should do when throwing a user conference is to choose a great venue. Consider how many attendees you plan to have, the type of activities you will be offering, accessibility for attendees, and the effect of the surrounding areas on your venue. Keeping the small things in mind will 

Do Use Technology

We are in an age in which we have access to things such as augmented reality and other cutting-edge inventions. Use this technology to create hybrid events and virtual events that are high-tech and memorable.

Do Encourage Networking

Facilitating networking at your event can be a great way to grow your network. Encourage all attendees to exchange information and keep in touch. Whether in person or online, take the time to allow users to interact by passing along business cards or sharing info via online chat. 

Do Promote During the Event

Lastly, be sure to promote during the event. Take the time to install signs, logos, and anything else that can help solidify your brand in the minds of the attendees. Be creative with it! Along with signs, take advantage of customizing swag with your company’s logo to pass out at the event or send to users for attending virtual events. 

Bringing it all together

While planning a successful user conference can be difficult, it is a rewarding opportunity to showcase your company when done right. One of the most important parts of event planning is having a team to execute your vision. Nifty Method is here to back you up on your great ideas and make your event worthwhile with our event management and production expertise.