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9 Signs You're an Event Manager

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We know not all event managers are running around with a clipboard and an ever-present cup of coffee, especially as more and more events are becoming virtual. We’re sure your home or office coffee pot is on overdrive, and we know a thing or two about what makes an event manager tick.

You know you’re an event manager when…

You’ve Learned So Much Tech Lingo Thanks to 2020

If you didn’t host them already, 2020 was the year you were setting up more virtual events or hybrid events than you’ve ever done before. You know your virtual platform inside out and are the go-to person for any issues with passwords and meeting IDs. You even almost have that broadcast switcher thing figured out. 

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You’re Tired of Telling People to Unmute

Why isn’t it working? I can’t hear them! Take yourself off mute! We said it, so you don’t have to. Again.

Your Notes Have Notes

From to-do lists to workshop ideas, you use every device imaginable to make notes, edit notes, and send notes to your virtual event attendees. You are the ruler of the important memo and the crucial spreadsheet.

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You’ve Got the Agenda Memorized

Because of all your notes, you know the schedule of your hybrid event inside and out. It always puzzles you when you realize that other folks don’t. It’s because…

You’re Ultra Organized

Everything has a place and a time. If things don’t happen at the right time or place, it makes your eye start to twitch. Which is why…

You Always Have a Backup Plan

You have contingencies for everything. The word failure isn’t in your dictionary. Your virtual events shine, no matter what happens.

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You Know Your Budget to the Penny

You’re so good at squeezing every cent out of your budget that you could have been an accountant. Plus, you know how to ask your boss for more, in just the right way!

You Love the Buzz

High-energy environments are where you thrive. You like the pressure of a deadline and love the buzz a successful event creates. Bringing like-minded people together and boosting your brand is like breathing for you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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You’ve Partnered with the Best

You know your strengths and maximize them by partnering with an event production company that wants to help you make the most of your budget and resources. Talk to Nifty Method about how virtual events and hybrid events can be even more spectacular in 2021.

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