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Here Are 5 Sources of Inspiration That'll Rekindle Your Love of Events

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Since March 2020, the world of events and marketing has changed rapidly. While online options were fun for a while, you’re probably a little burned out when it comes to planning events in general. Now, your boss is asking what your plan is for hybrid and you're just burned out. 

Hopefully, standard soirees are just around the corner. Until then, here are five sources of inspiration to help rekindle your love of events.

1. Bread Ahead Baking Courses

This small bakery, based in the UK, moved its cooking courses online. These events run around 2 to 4 hours each, teaching participants how to craft delicious culinary creations. At the events, they learn to create the shop’s most famous recipes—from doughnuts to NYC-style bagels. Some courses even include lunch! The e-learning events are overwhelmingly popular, and many workshops sell out quickly.

2. InCrowd Comedy Show

InCrowd comedy is an interactive live comedy show that features a variety of performers. Tickets are between $15 and $30, depending on the level of interaction you want. The idea turns the world of comedy routines on its head because performers have to respond in real-time to attendees—and people love it. You can read a thorough review here.

3. Call of the Wild – Woodland Park Zoo

If you’re looking for a unique speaker, look no further! The Woodland Park Zoo offers several of their most popular animals to “speak” at your next event. Special guests include raccoons, goats, pigs, owls, and more. Animal handlers are also included to make sure things don’t go afoul.

4. Digital Dinner Party

Restaurants may not be an option for events today, but that doesn’t stop people from hosting an online dinner party. Attendees can connect, chat, and dine, all from the comfort of home. This unique idea helps people feel a little less lonely while staying safe within their homes. It may not be quite the same as a regular dinner party, but it’s the next best thing. Here’s a guide to help you plan your own.

5. The TOF Nightclub

Virtual events don’t need to break the bank to create a lasting impact. One retired music teacher seized a unique opportunity to create a platform for musicians to connect with their fans through a series of online concerts. The best part? It didn’t cost him anything at all to get started. He sells tickets, then attendees connect and mingle before the show. The proceeds go directly to the artists who perform, making it a great option for both the talent and the fans.

Hire an Event Production Company

If you’re trying to plan your own event, you may feel a little overwhelmed and tapped out. Hopefully, these ideas help.

If you’re still coming up empty with virtual event ideas, consider hiring an event manager who can help. Nifty Method is an event production company that specializes in virtual and hybrid events. Whether you need inspiration or want us to plan your event from start to finish, we’re here. Contact us to get started.