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Five Things You Can't Miss Roundup

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Happy Friday!

From SEO benchmarks to the return of big events and so much more, we've got you covered! Here are five articles that you absolutely can't miss:

How successful brands make the most of their marketing

The bold action of venturing out of traditional advertising methods and into marketing automation methods for all digital marketing demands is the springboard for all ease-of-action style brand bolstering. Are you on board with the next wave of software platforms designed to boost your brand?Read more.



4 SEO Benchmarks to track in 2021

SEO (or search engine optimization) can be both a nuanced art and marketing science when it comes to seeing return on investment. Most of us spend hours doing off-page SEO only to get a few backlinks in return, or optimizing our website pages in a highly competitive space while the companies around us seem to be crushing it with their rankings and relevance.Read more.



getting started with digital advertising

What is digital advertising and why do you need it? Those are the exact questions this blog will answer for you today. Data indicated that 64% of people say they’ve been influenced to buy something by watching a video online. 52% of buying decisions can be traced back to Facebook. People spend enough time online, it could be considered their second job. Read more.

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‘Saying you’re customer-centric is not the same as being customer-centric’

Being customer-centric is the goal for many brands, but Lego’s marketing director suggests that while most marketers claim to put the customer at the heart of decision making, many fall short. – Read more.

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Big events are back

When cities and states around the country began issuing stay-at-home orders in March of last year, Live For Live Music turned to tracking cancellations rather than promoting shows. But as vaccination rates rise and governments relax their pandemic regulations, the music marketing and production company’s site is getting back to normal. – Read more.

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