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Get Up To Speed: Marketing 101

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Now, more than ever, it’s vital to stay on top of the current marketing trends. Of course, there are various ways to approach marketing and no right or wrong answer. However, knowing the basics of your options and what works for your specific company expands the range of motion. Maybe you’re an agency like us, looking for the best direction to expand your client base, or maybe you’re someone from a company that's wondering what to look for in an agency. Either way, these videos are here to tackle the basic research to give you a place to start. 

Introduction To Marketing | Marketing 101

Introduction To Marketing, it may seem basic, but if you don’t understand the foundation of your practice, you automatically hinder your capabilities. This six-minute video can teach you new theories or simply remind you of them, and both are important. 

Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes | What Is Digital Marketing? | Learn Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

If you can’t explain to your clients effectively what you do and what you can do for them, fix that by watching this video. In five minutes, you’ll have a well-rounded view of digital marketing. Your client’s satisfaction is somewhat based on your agency’s level of satisfaction. If there is any sense of doubt or confusion from your agency, your client will pick up on it. Avoid awkward situations by knowing your stuff. 

If you’re a client looking for an agency to work with, this is a great video to watch and get a better understanding of your needs, so you can communicate them to an agency. ARE YOU READY TO OUTSOURCE YOUR MARKETING AND WORK WITH AN AGENCY?

Video Content Marketing | TOP 4 Types of Video to Use to Market Your Business

Video Marketing, two words that you will start seeing more often. In the social media world we live in, you must accept that video marketing is the next best addition to your agency’s capabilities. Not only is video marketing aesthetically appealing, but it also allows clients to get to know you and your agency in a personal way. This is recognized to be extremely important as we continue to navigate remote communication. 

How to Build a Marketing Agency in 2021

In this six-minute video, you will learn how to build and grow. The level of confidence exuded will rub on you by default. The foundation of your company must be strong in order to succeed. Therefore, no one is above keeping up with the trends that a new year brings. 

Bringing it all Together

These videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all things marketing. Looking for more information about how you can improve your company's marketing strategy or an agency that can help? Check out our marketing services or chat with us today!