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10 Signs You Should Further Invest in Digital Marketing

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As more and more businesses raise their digital marketing game for 2021, are you up to speed with where you need to be? Here are 10 red flags that you need support with your content marketing strategy.

Your Website Works... On Some Devices

Making your website accessible on all devices is an absolute must. Not everyone has access to a computer, and not all smartphones are equal. Partnering with a marketing expert can help ensure your website doesn’t get left behind because of lack of accessibility.

You Spend Hours Manually Dealing with Emails

Email marketing is as effective as ever, but only with the right investment and the right marketing automation tools. Otherwise, it becomes a chore, with few rewards.

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Your Last Blog Update was Two Months Ago

It’s true that you shouldn’t spam your followers with content, but a regular, trustworthy blog with purposeful content is a must for most organizations.

Your Social Media Interaction Decreases

Facebook likes, Instagram comments, and retweets all add traction to your business. Social media is one way to spread brand awareness, so if yours is decreasing, it's time to reevaluate your strategy. 

Your Organization Disappears Off Google's Front Page

Only around 10% of people ever get to page 2 of Google. If that’s where your organization is, you need an SEO or content marketing expert to get you back on top.

Your Exciting Campaign Gets No Engagement

You know your latest campaign is amazing, but no one is clicking through. Is your email marketing strategy up to scratch?

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Your Posts Are Inconsistent

If your Facebook posts read like they’re from an expert on your product, but your Instagram is full of text speak, it can confuse your followers. Get consistent with a content marketing strategy that everyone signs off on.

Your Leads Are Few and Far Between

Customers are going online more and more. For example, in 2020, 67% of all video game sales happened digitally. As the pandemic situation continues, having a strong digital presence is crucial to finding and closing leads.

Your Users Don't Know Your Values

Ethical and sustainable business practices are more important to customers than ever. Tell your story online and get users engaged with your values.

You See the Same Few Users All the Time

This is great in some ways, as loyalty counts for a lot! But effective digital content marketing can extend your reach so much. Talk to us here at Nifty about effective digital marketing including email marketing, marketing automation, and more ways to save time and money while making a big impact in 2021.