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10 Tips to Make Your PPC (Paid Media Campaign) Events Better

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Everyone has to start somewhere with media campaigns. When you put it in motion, it can be hard to know how to improve from there. Here are 10 simple tips on how you can make your paid media campaign (PPC) events better.   

Clearly Define Your Goals 

Any paid media campaign must have goals laid out in order to be effective. Before you begin the campaign, write out clearly what these should be. The goals can include improving sales, increasing website traffic, and increasing the number of subscribers. Goals need to be updated periodically. 

Write Ad Copy That Is Engaging 

You'll want your ad copy to draw in and keep the attention of the viewer. Make it fully engaging and encourage him or her to pay attention to the end. Be as relevant as you can. Ensure all your ads concur with the correct landing pages. Include a call-to-action that elicits a significant response.     

Be Sure To Keep Your Keywords Updated

As time goes on, different things become more important to your targeted audience. Localize them whenever necessary. Monitor the performance of each keyword and review it periodically. Eliminate those that underperform.

Localize Your Landing Pages

This is especially pertinent if yours is a small business that operates within a specific location. You will want to be certain your website's landing page caters to that location. As you add more locations, create an appropriate landing page for each of them.

Use the FOMO Campaign Strategy

What is that? The fear of missing out (FOMO). You want to make your marketing campaign's wording so interesting that the reader will be afraid of missing out if they don't take immediate action. Include phrases such as "this sale is ending soon," or "only X number of items left."   

Do Not Forget Your Mobile Users 

These days many customers use mobile electronic devices to receive information and to make purchases. Do not forget about them when you design your marketing campaign. You can do this by creating apps for ordering your products or services. Then make the client an offer to automatically switch to your app when he or she accesses the website. 

Prepare a Targeted Marketing Strategy 

No matter the size of your business, odds are high you only cater to a specific audience. Make it a point to target only that audience with your campaigns. If you market to a broader audience, you will waste everyone's time. To prepare for this, do a little homework and find out what industry the client is in. This is key to creating the perfect campaign.  

Decide Upon a Budget 

Unless your business is owned by a billionaire, chances are you'll need a budget. This is important because it's pointless to implement an ad campaign you can't afford. You can run a marvelous paid media campaign and still stay within that budget. Like goal setting, may be prudent to adjust this budget from time to time.   

Remember to State Proper Dates and Times 

This applies if you are having a physical or virtual event that people can attend. When the event has passed, be sure to end any ads for it. Nothing looks worse to customers than seeing an ad for an event that is over. If the event will repeat periodically, check to see that the correct dates and times are present.    

Discover How to Write Emails that People Will Open

This is critical to any email marketing campaign. Nobody wants to end up in the spam folder, but it happens all too often with poorly written emails. Not only do you want to stay out of the spam folder, you also want the recipient to open and read it. This takes practice; however, it is vitally important. Start here for information on how to improve your email marketing skills. 

Bringing it all together

While starting your first PPC will require some trial and error, we at Nifty Method are here to help you along the way! Subscribe to our blog or book some time for a consultation.