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15 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Marketing Automation

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Your content marketing strategy for 2021 should be well underway by now—if not, get in touch to see how we could help. You might have a fantastic social media strategy, rock-solid email marketing knowledge plus an amazing blog—but what about your digital marketing automation? It's easy to take pride in doing everything yourself, manually, but here are 15 reasons you can’t ignore marketing automation in 2021.

1. It Saves Time

Setting up a ton of individual messages for email marketing or lining up social media posts for the next month is time-consuming and exhausting.

2. It Saves Money

Plus, you have to pay someone to do that. Automation maximizes your content marketing budget by cutting out the middleman. 

3. It Lets You Focus on Your Passions

Step back from the manual marketing and focus your energy on your passion: Your business or nonprofit.

4. It Frees Up Personnel

Freeing up staff from lengthy marketing tasks means you have more personnel ready to focus on business-critical matters.

5. It Allows You to Channel Your Budget

Marketing automation also means that you'll have additional funds to channel to areas of the business that need it more, such as product development.

6. It Improves Consistency

Automating your content marketing strategy can help you be solid and consistent. This avoids issues such as one customer complaining of a poor response when they know someone personally who had gold level customer service.

7. It Helps You Understand Your Users

Marketing automation can collect a range of data to help you understand your key demographics even better.

8. It Helps You See Who Visits...

You can find out who is visiting your websites, blogs, online courses or social media.

9. ...And What They View

Plus, you get to know which parts of your website hit the spot with your customers. Knowing what works with your target audience allows you to replicate it. For businesses, these can be some real profit-boosting insights.

10. It Helps Build Relationships

Knowing your customer base means you can tailor content that's perfect for them, rather than a carbon copy of everything else out there.

11. It Helps You Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

You can use facilities like Smart Content to add deeper levels of personalization, such as automatically changing the language of a website. The automation part of marketing automation means you never get too close and clingy with your customers, which as all salespeople know, can be a real off switch.

12. It Allows For Data Analysis...

Automated services like email marketing can collect data on who is reading the emails, who is clicking through, and what content works best. This allows you to fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

13. ...That Doesn't Take All Day

Manual data analysis takes forever. Systems like HubSpot take out the guesswork and work-hours, making data and analytics a breeze.

14. It Turns Clicks Into Leads

Clever content marketing turns your curious visitor into a buying customer, or a donor, for nonprofits. And your analytics will let you know exactly what content caused your customer to commit.

15. It Gives You The Edge Over Competitors

Having access to the latest digital marketing technologies means you can be one step ahead of your competitors, and more importantly, a dependable resource for your customers or clients.

Are you ready to dive into the world of marketing automation? Get in touch and learn how we at Nifty Method can help you get to grips with the best way to be there for your customers—when they really need you.