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15 Savvy Ways to Spend Your Leftover Marketing and Events Budget

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We love helping brands create amazing marketing and events. One of the essential pieces of strategizing is the budget. If you're one of the few lucky brands this fall that finds yourself with a little extra money on your hands after reevaluating your marketing or events budget, here are fifteen savvy ways to spend your remaining marketing and event budget for the year. 

1. Get Experimental with Google Ads

If you have some remaining advertising budget, try launching a Google Ads campaign using the Display Network. This is one great way to branch out if you are only running ads on the Search Network.

2. Run an "Offer" on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have quite a few ad placements to test out. One interesting option when advertising on Facebook Ads is the ability to run Facebook Offer Ads.

Facebook Offer Ads let you run an offer where you set the shelf life. This will essentially allow you to limit the number of offers you are extending to the public for a special promotion. It will also allow you to set a time limit on the offer, so you can have it expire at any given time in the future.

3. Branch out to Instagram using Facebook Ads if You Haven't Already

In addition, if you are already running ads on Facebook, try running ads on Instagram using the Facebook Ads platform.

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4. Try Your Luck with TikTok

TikTok has been running some tempting promotions to encourage advertisers to test out ads on their platform lately. And we hate to tell you, this platform isn't just for the 18-24 yr old demographic anymore. 

Brands and associations looking to add fun, engagement, and yes a little bit of viral content have been heading to TikTok to spice things up for very little financial investment.

5. Run an Advertising Campaign on Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge platform with a tremendous female demographic that is often overlooked. If you have any remaining marketing budget, definitely consider running a campaign on Pinterest.

You can sell swag, create boards showing how your customers use your products, and more.

6. Try Advertising on LinkedIn

Highlight an upcoming webinar, run a dark social campaign to get prospects to download your ebook, or boost a thought leadership post. 

7. Run a Campaign with Microsoft Advertising on Bing

Bing and Microsoft Advertising are often overlooked for "big brother" Google and Google Ads. However, Microsoft Advertising has a platform that features CPCs they say are up to 30 percent cheaper than Google's.

8. attend a conference or event you've always admired

Love the concepts CES (the Consumer Electronic Show) showcases in their annual event, buy a registration badge and wander the tradeshow floor and field activations to see what you could adopt for your programming. 

Competitive research in events IS attending other brands or organizations' events. Check out the way they do their registration, their event marketing, their engagement, their hybrid, their education, engagement, and more. You'll be amazed at what you can bring home to adapt or declare "we're NEVER doing that!" by becoming an attendee again yourself.


9. Give Twitter Advertising a Try

Try advertising on Twitter if you have run ads on Facebook in the past. Although the audience can be unpredictable, if you get your ideal response, it could lead to additional quality campaigns in the future.

10. Try Media Buying Directly with Publishers

Try purchasing banner advertisements on the websites of your desired publishers directly. It's as simple as e-mailing them and asking about their rates. You might be able to save some money if you can cut out the middleman (example: Google).

11. host a happy hour 

Brands and associations talk a lot about engagement and networking but we rarely host a happy hour just to let conversation or people connect. Bring customers, prospects, people who you like to network with together and watch the magic happy. 

Remember the pie is big enough for all of us and you never know what can happen if you relinquish a little of the over-programmed control of a sponsorship or tradeshow booth.

12. Run an Advertising Campaign on Taboola

Taboola offers content marketing options at the bottom of many news articles on some of the largest news platforms in the world.

13. Try Testing Your Campaign on OutBrain

OutBrain is similar to Taboola. The quality of their platform is very high. It can be hard to get your advertising campaign approved on OutBrain. However, it is worth a shot.

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14. Launch a Radio Advertising Campaign Online for $100

Services like AdTonos allow you to launch a radio ads campaign online for as little as $100. If you think your product or service translates to the radio, give them a look!

15. launch a swag campaign

Buy an off the shelf design package from The Marketing Orchard. Have them design tee shirts, crazy socks, or reusable coffee mugs with your brand and then send them out to the folks who've helped you make an impact this year. 

Yes, some should be customers. But what about your partners, your vendors, your network, and more? Your AV team who knocked it out of the park at your last venue? Your bus driver? The travel agent who does your booking? Encourage a great unboxing experience and watch as your social media and your referral word of mouth is rewarded with delight.