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15 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following for Marketing, Creative, & Events

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If you're anything like us, you're always looking to fill your Twitter feed with the best accounts for marketing, creative, and events. Here are fifteen accounts to get you started:

1. @lindsaytheCMP

With Lindsay at the helm, her event production company, Nifty Method, provides full services that focus on creating superior inbound marketing campaigns. They also have expertise in creative tasks and organizing successful virtual events. 

2. @Atnguyen

Anh Nguyen CMP is the owner of Events by Spark is the creator of hybrid events that bring together business and passionate people. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this company brings a unique approach to the event manager role. 

3. @TahiraCreates

This Twitter account belongs to Ms. Tahira Endean CMP. She is known as an international event designer who thinks out of the box in event planning. International Event Design delivers virtual events to a worldwide audience.   

4. @LevyB

Levi Bilbrey is the digital marketing expert for Bell Flight of Fort Worth, Texas. He has championed the philosophy of thinking above and beyond in the realm of aviation and aerospace.

5. @jenalyson

Jen Hartmann is the Global Head of PR & Social Media for John Deere. Her job is to improve the online reputation of her company by spearheading its social media presence.

6. @neilpatel   

As the owner of his own digital marketing firm, Neil Patel is one of the foremost authorities on paid search marketing, content marketing, and other facets of the industry.

7. @randfish   

An essential facet of marketing is to find out what your audience observes and then take notice of it. That is precisely what Spark Toro does. Say goodbye to expensive surveys when you follow the advice of Rand Fishkin.

8. @PamMktgNut

Pam Moore is the CEO of The Marketing Nutz out of Orlando, Florida. She is a top social media influencer that is also notable for her talents as a speaker and digital storyteller. Ms. Moore is also an innovative strategist in the world of digital marketing. 

9. @HubSpot

Hubspot's forte is assisting other businesses in developing incredible customer experiences with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. They also have accounts for @HubSpotSupport and @HubSpotAcademy

10. @sengineland

Available to anyone capable of being online, Search Engine Land is the go-to company for tips on marketing for businesses. They are also the sister company to @marketingland and @martech_today.   

11. @CMIContent

Content Marketing Institute is the firm behind the event known as Content Marketing World 2021. During this event, they share key tips on creating how-to insights for content marketing proficiency. CMI is a significant source of advice on this topic.   

12. @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO and co-leader of the firm, Vayner Media. He is an icon and active participant in social media. Gary Vee is an authority on social media practices. 

13. @egomes1019

Ellen Gomes is an expert content marketing manager at the company, Marketo. She is a pivotal part of their success as content marketing strategists. Ms. Gomes is always on top of the latest marketing trends and methods of consistently connecting with new people via social media.

14. @LorettaAhmed

Ms. Ahmed is the CEO of Grayling. They are the leading global communications network for all aspects relating to marketing advice across the entire Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. Their expertise also reaches throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. 

15. @NiftyMethod

Nifty Method is a leader in event production and management and a first-rate creative agency. We're are a full-service marketing agency that is motivated by our mission to create experiences that connect