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16 Resources That’ll Make You Better at Content Marketing

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As a content marketer, you need to keep up with the latest tools and resources that can make you more effective at strategies such as digital marketing, content marketing, and measuring SEO success. Things evolve quickly in the industry, so adaptability is key. Check out the following resources that we at Nifty Method recommend to stay ahead of your competitors and help your clients succeed.

Content Marketing Resources

The success of content marketing relies on strong SEO and well-written content. It's about grabbing and keeping the consumer's attention through the buyer's journey. Alongside this is improving the client's brand name recognition. 

Some great tools to help you reach those goals include:

  • Google Trends—Keep up with the latest subjects trending online without spending so much as a penny.
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator—Gain basic insights into semantically related keywords with Ahrefs or take a deeper dive with the paid version.
  • Answer the Public—What do people really want to read about? This resource will help you choose topics that will attract traffic.
  • Bulk Keyword Generator—Get a list of local, industry-specific keywords from this tool.
  • Kred—Does anyone really care what your brand has to say? Kred can help you discover how much influence you have.

Email Marketing Resources

Email marketing is much more powerful than any of us are willing to admit, generating on average $38 for every $1 spent. It is an effective way to communicate directly with consumers that are interested enough in your company to subscribe. As with any campaign, email marketing involves a continually adapting audience. Not staying relevant with your followers will lead to unopened emails, unsubscribing, and even marking all your content as spam. 

To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, consider resources like:

  • Headline Analyzer—Headlines help people decide whether they will open your emails. Improve your headlines with this free tool.
  • Drip—Maximize your email marketing campaigns by using Drip to determine which messages convert more readers.
  • Mailchimp—One of the most popular services for designing, sending, and tracking emails. It will give you data-driven insights that help you improve campaigns.
  • OptinMonster—You need leads to grow your email list and convert readers. That’s where OptinMonster thrives.
  • ConvertKit—If you have an e-commerce site, few resources will serve you better than CovertKit.

Marketing Automation Resources

Whatever stage of growth your company is in, all businesses can benefit from marketing automation. It can help keep track of leads, schedule social media content, automated emails based on a consumer's actions, and much more, but you get the idea. The more tasks you can automate, the more time you can spend developing content and improving SEO.

Try these marketing automation resources to do more with your time:

  • AdRoll—Automate your consent tracking, ad retargeting, and other marketing tasks.
  • HubSpot—Take a realistic approach to marketing automation with a service that examines why automation fails and succeeds.
  • Customer.io—Make sure the right people get targeted messages that will lead them to convert.
  • Pardot—Are you getting the most from your content marketing? Pardot analyzes all of your data automatically to make sure.
  • Oracle Marketing—Multiple marketing platforms make it hard to optimize strategies. Oracle Marketing does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Marketo—Marketo can track customer behavior across platforms to target people more likely to convert.

Bringing it all together

Are you still struggling to find the right digital marketing resources for your brand? Contact Nifty Method for personalized assistance and advice for your company's needs.