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Digital Marketing: Expectations Versus Reality in 2021

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Each year brings a fresh batch of expectations for what digital marketing can accomplish. It doesn’t take long before reality puts overly optimistic marketers in their place. At Nifty Method, we always try to keep a realistic perspective that gives our clients long-term results. We know how difficult it can be to balance optimistic and realistic perspectives. We're here to share a realistic perspective about expectations for 2021.

Search Engines Will Not Evolve As Quickly As You Want

Search engines get better at choosing and ranking content every year. A couple of decades ago, even advanced search engines like Google relied on keywords so much that black hat SEO strategies could trick them with keyword stuffing.

Thankfully, those days are over. Still, you shouldn’t assume that algorithms have reached the point that they can identify useful content marketing materials without help from SEO experts.

Successful content marketing in 2021 still needs:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt tags
  • Inbound links from reputable websites
  • Keywords and local keywords that attract the right visitors

At Nifty Method, we’re paying special attention to:

  • Topic cluster performance
  • Featured snippets
  • Domain authority
  • Link toxicity

Marketing agencies often overlook these critical features when establishing their SEO strategies. It’s time to make them priorities.

Marketing Automation Cannot Replace Professionals

Marketing automation makes it much easier to reach your target audience, especially when you rely on social media and email marketing. Some companies seem to think that advances in digital marketing will lead to smaller staff sizes. Fortunately for marketing professionals, this probably will not happen.

No matter what marketing automation tool you use, your team still needs people who can:

  • Adjust parameters to get better results.
  • Write copy that will engage the audience and increase conversions.
  • Set KPIs based on each campaign’s goals.
  • Recognize messages that might offend some consumers.

Look forward to increasingly smarter marketing automation, but don’t expect to cut employees from your staff.

Video Will Play a Role, but You Still Need Transcripts

Online video can play a critical role in your digital marketing strategy. Many people are visual learners, so they prefer videos over blog posts. Videos also give you opportunities to show:

  • The benefits of buying a product.
  • How to troubleshoot common issues.
  • That you care about contributing to customer success.

Perhaps most importantly, video content makes it more likely that visitors will convert into customers.

You should still include video transcripts on your pages, though. Search engine crawlers don’t know how to view video or audio. They make decisions based on the text you provide. Make your video content marketing even more successful by posting transcripts that will improve your rankings and drive more people to your site.

We know that as with every year, challenges arise in the place of our expectations. Staying adaptable and up to date with changes in trends can ensure that you stay on top of your goals. Here at Nifty Method, we can help you set a realistic digital marketing strategy that will move your brand forward. 

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