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How Successful Brands Make the Most of Their Marketing

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Let innovation guide your creation!

The bold action of venturing out of traditional advertising methods and into marketing automation methods for all digital marketing demands is the springboard for all ease-of-action style brand bolstering. Are you on board with the next wave of software platforms designed to boost your brand?

With some very simple and accessible digital marketing tricks, it’s not up to the imagination to decipher how a united sales and advertising task force, rolled into one powerhouse is the cell responsible for grand market monopolies. 

Marketing Automation Features

Recognized by Forbes as a must-have business marketing strategy, automation abilities run parallel to the AI market, which is responsible for automatic decision-making. While marketing automation doesn’t wield authority like AI, it has just about everything else in terms of executive power and trickle-down task delegation. 

The successful swivel of automated digital marketing has made itself known through the booming prominence of online companies who, like most modern companies, rely on the podium of digital marketing to thrive. Automated digital marketing includes automated emails, ad campaigns, or social media postings. In fact, over 80 percent of online businesses utilize email marketing software, which earn 119 percent more clicks than broadcast emails. Innovations such as chatbot AI also boosts client consumerism.

Although the key is marketing automation, there are also styles and facets of specific product promotion that play an important role in maximizing both consumer outreach and success!

Get Started with Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing Through Email

There are many new, inventive business opportunities available through different AI and software platforms designed for sales and marketing. Emailing prospective clients and repeat customers has never been done as swiftly and succinctly as right now with automation products. Rather than having a sales team and marketing team work separately, and then bridge the gap upon return, marketing automation software allows the two processes to work in tandem. Using this advantage alongside both inbound and content marketing creates a perfectly precise sales method. And it doesn’t stop at just emailing. One way to solidify a business-client relationship is to utilize inbound marketing!

For example, interrupting a target audience with a cold-call message that isn’t specifically suited to their needs can be successful in the short-run, especially when a fledgling company is in the middle of take-off. However, for more advanced businesses, with precise products and unique skills, outbound marketing is a definitive no-go!

This is why inbound marketing is a cornerstone and hallmark of success in digital marketing. Inbound marketing doesn't play the numbers game with spam. Instead, it defines a target audience to receive the most relevant content.

Combining the use of inbound marketing and marketing automation to grasp the correct audience is paramount in long-term brand outreach!

Similarly, tying together the noticeable features of a business or product in a way that doesn’t overtly scream “salesman!” is equally important, which brings content marketing to the table. 

Content Marketing

A facet of inbound marketing, content marketing shares some key outreach objectives alongside its cousin, such as:

  • Attracting an appropriate pool of potential clients.
  • Engaging in the sales process with potential clients.
  • Transforming leads into customers and maintaining a working relationship.

However, content marketing does not engage in active salesmanship and refers to the creation and molding of ultimate content that will allow potential customers to assess your products or services adequately. 

Though fundamentally different, both styles of content sharing and creation match you with the best audience possible!

One fantastic example of this style of salesmanship is Microsoft’s story blog platform. Clients of Microsoft can share their stories on a hub, and each client essentially becomes a social shareholder in whatever they choose to invest in personally. The blog hub provides an informal feedback system designed to normalize the customer experience and highlight the most notable product features casually and sociably!

Bringing it all together

We know it can be difficult to optimize your marketing, but it doesn't have to be! Using these methods are the first steps to maximizing your success. As you consider your marketing methods, keeping innovation and adaptation in mind will keep you on track to your goals.