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Better Together - Little Bird Told Media Joins the CCV - Nifty Method Team

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We're growing and we want you to be the first to know!

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the merger of Little Bird Told Media with our parent company, Cat City Ventures Inc, or CCV as we call it internally. This merger brings together two companies with similar strengths and approaches to better help brands align marketing and communications with business and market objectives, position us for projected growth in events and hospitality, and drive marketing and communication innovation for event professionals, marketers, and destinations.

This merger not only allows us to add Alex Plaxen, a global event marketing executive with a proven track record of success in a number of industries, an advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion, and one of my favorite people on the planet. It also means that our brand adds strategic digital communication and event strategy, consulting, crisis communications, and social media marketing to our capabilities.

Personally, this was an easy decision to make and our combined team gives us the talent and resources to propel us as a company into the next level.

“In an industry full of strong female voices, it was important to me that I partner with a woman-owned business whose thought leadership and strong values aligned with Little Bird Told Media’s own mission of innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

What excites me most about this merger is the ability to further serve the needs of the events industry and my clients due to the strong foundation built by Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey and the CCV team. ”

Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media founder & president

Bringing Alex and his company together with ours is the right, best, and exciting next step in continuing to create exceptional audience experience, online and in person. 

I'm excited to lead our combined company, which will continue to operate as CCV with all of our Nifty Method brands and a few new ones that are launching soon. Alex has been named our VP, Experience Strategy of Nifty Method Marketing + Events, CCV’s inbound marketing agency and certified Hubspot Gold Solutions Partner. He will additionally lead the development of a new media company under the CCV umbrella.

We're thrilled with what the future holds. We’re on a mission to help exceptional brands create exceptional hospitality, and with this merger, our combined strengths and expanded service offerings mean we’re better primed to help our clients achieve their goals of bringing people together to build relationships while growing revenue and reducing costs.

The merger is effective as of February of this year, and our companies will combine business operations in the coming year.

A quick side note on CCV. CCV is the umbrella company that all of our brands sit under: so whether you want to book a speaker, produce an event, kickstart your inbound marketing, document your upcoming event through photography, hire an amazing cover band, share news about women in events, or accelerate your sales, we've got a solution and a team oriented for you.

Also, did you know that CCV isn't named Cat City Ventures just because we love our feline friends? Our HQ is based in Fort Worth and Cat City is a nickname for our beautiful Panther City

Officially About Cat City Ventures Inc.(in case you need it for when you share this cool news!)

Cat City Ventures Inc. is focused on powering effective events, marketing, travel, and media. We tell stories, elevate diversity, inclusion, and equality, and create exceptional experiential events and campaigns for brands who want to create undeniable moments of human connection. CCV’s suite of companies includes the Nifty Method Agency, Nifty Method Speaking Group, and Women In Events Media.