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Three Benefits To Using Video Marketing in 2022

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Video has become the future. Youtube alone has 2 billion users, and this number is growing. Aside from Google, it is the most frequently used search engine, so if you haven’t been incorporating video into your strategy to reach customers, now is the time to.

Although written content is useful for reaching out and awareness to customers, using video can improve the customer experience (CX) of your website, causing more lead generation and potentially, more conversions. While there are plenty of benefits to investing in video, here are 3 ways that video improves CX:

Caters to how customers learn 

If you have recurring questions asked by customers, you likely have an FAQ page. According to Hubspot, 68% of customers prefer self-help pages when trying to answer a question. These self-help pages are a great start to understanding your company, but video can provide another way for your users to receive quality help. 

Videos can bring CX to the next level by providing captivating and informative videos that answer more complex questions. Visual content can cater more to the CX by condensing textual information into easily digestible content. Since people are wired for visual content, viewers retain 95% of the content when they watch a video versus merely 10% from text. 

Shows rather than tellS why your company is amazing

While you can talk, or write, all day about how amazing your company is, there’s probably a chance that the reader won’t read all of it. While formatting and bolding portions for readers to hit the most important points of information, visuals can be much more persuasive. 

When writing a story, there’s always the rule to “show, don’t tell.” The same applies to your company: why tell your customers about how great your company is when you can show them?

Hit the highlights with a promo video or sizzle reel that showcases your company’s best products and services. Grab their attention right out of the gate and pique their interest to find out more about your company. 

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Connect with your customers 

When’s the last time you were excited to read an instruction manual? Probably never. It can be monotonous, difficult, and time-consuming to understand all the ins and out of a product or service when you are left with endless instructions without any starting place. 

No matter how helpful knowledge bases such as written FAQ are, there is still a disconnect as human interaction is lacking. This can be improved by providing videos that emphasize the best features of your product or service. 

Consider using “explainer videos” that describe your product or services in a nutshell for your leads. In one study, when a website included an explainer video, it increased conversion rates by 20%. This doesn’t mean upload videos any chance you get. Be purposeful and keep your videos short yet captivating, and most importantly, make sure they provide value to your leads. 

When creating any sort of content, always keep CX in the forefront of your goals. Keeping a consumer mindset will help you gain a better understanding of how to keep your audience engaged and delight new consumers.

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