Why your Digital Marketing Forays Need to be based in UX

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    There has long been a dementor-esque, looming battle between better user experiences and getting out the content. Here’s why the user experience has to win.

    For the average company, marketing is often seen as a necessary evil. There is little delight in the act of marketing, and it is a means to an end. That feeling of dread that is palpable in some companies’ marketing campaigns is not predestined. In fact, when digital marketers take a customer centric approach, they can be proud of their campaigns. 

    The trick to sustainability in a company’s UX (user experience) is that it delights both the company and the user. These go hand-in-hand as people flock to things that they feel are made for them.

    Take Tiktok for example. As a Tiktok illiterate person, I assumed upon first using it that I would have a window into the minds of young people (a year or two younger) and a good eye rolling session. However, within seconds, I was in stitches and settling in for an hour of mindless hilarity. 

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    Now, this is not an example of my personal weakness, but an insight into Tiktok’s algorithm. They pride themselves on adjusting their content to each user; the more you like eclectic videos of people spinning paintings on drills (true story), the more you’ll see them on your feed.

    Through their UX system, they’ve made their job easy. One person downloads the application, loves it, and tells a friend and the chain continues as content creators and viewers happily reveal themselves to the digital world. 

    On a broad scale, here are the rules of the system:

    • Track user enjoyment (likes, comments, purchases, etc.).
    • Reach out to customers or viewers, and record individual or group opinions. 
    • Give the people what they want (so long as it fits with the mission of your business and does not sap joy). 
    • Start small and be organized.

    Keeping these guidelines at the top of your mind will help you have a more purposeful approach to your marketing. Remember that your target audience is the driving force of your campaigns. It's about having their interests in mind to bring them relevant and engaging content so that you aren't wasting your efforts or their time. 

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    Bringing it all Together

    Designing with the user in mind is only the first step when it comes to maximizing your success. As you consider how to integrate UX into your marketing strategy, Nifty Method is here to help you along the way. Book at time to chat with us to discuss your digital marketing strategy and any other help you might need.