W0W! Wednesday - Association of Women in Events

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WOW! Wednesday


On Wednesdays we wear pink and talk about things that wow-ed us this week


Wed-nes-day. Famous for many things, most of which include: Wine-Wednesday, Woman-Crush-Wednesday, and now, WOW! Wednesday. We’re pleased to bring you the very first W!W blog post and couldn’t be more excited. What makes us say, “Wow,” you ask? Easy. We like being surprised, tickled, and impressed.

This week, we have been impressed by an Association. Not just any association, but the Association for Women in Events, aka: AWE. This association stands with all the women in the events industry and as a (mostly) women operated company, this is something Nifty can get behind. AWE is dedicated to the professional advancement of women in all facets of the events industry. Want to know more? #UsToo



AWEsome things about AWE

You need not be afraid, the events industry isn’t full of Mean Girls.

The Association for Women in Events started in 2015. Their mission was simple: they wanted to bring women together and advocate for their careers. They are the FIRST organization of their kind and already have a board of leaders tasked to develop & guide the execution of AWE’s mission. What isn’t Wow-worthy about a bunch of powerhouse women coming together for the betterment of the event industry?

These women want to start a movement and already have a long list of member benefits at different levels. Most levels include...

  • Access to all AWE events such as exclusive meet & greets, peer-sharing groups, conferences, and other experiential events
  • Access to online webinar archives AND virtual happy hours (Happy hour? Count.Us.In.)
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • A long list of forever friends

Rumor has it they are about to launch some BIG things. Keep an eye on these ladies, they’re about to take on the industry by storm!

If you’re WOWed with us, register now for their event, “ELEVATE!,” on March 5th, 2020. Attendees have left these events with a renewed sense of purpose and the fierce call to innovate. Also they have puppies. Who says powerful women can’t still love a good puppy experience at their events?

Need more? Here's a snippet from one of AWE's co-founders, Kiki Fox, speaking with our CEO, Lindsay, at IMEX America 2019 about one the association's task forces focused on eradicating sexual harassment in the events industry and inequality in the workplace.

If you’d like an introduction to the AWE-mazing team, let us know. We’ll hook you up!